Start With Why – The Musical

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In September of 2009, Simon Sinek gave a talk before a small crowd at a local TEDx event in Puget Sound. His low-tech presentation with a paper flip chart and a marker running low on ink titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” went on to become the 3rd most viewed TED talk of all time, with nearly 24 million views to date.

TED-most viewed


With the viral success of that video as a huge tailwind, two years later Sinek turned the message of that talk into his best-selling leadership classic, Start With Why.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you know this already.

But instructive ideas really come to life when they are translated into another communication medium. Pictures are not only worth a thousand words, but the brain processes them at a mind-boggling speed. Music — even the most mundane of rhythmic jingles — can take a lesson and stitch it into our memory like almost nothing else. (The Phonics Song and its 321 million views, for example.)

So what happens when you take Sinek’s insightful principle of starting with WHY and channel it through the prism of music? Something amazing:


When you know your WHY, your WHAT has more impact, because you’re walking in or towards your purpose.

Sinek couldn’t have said it better himself. You want your “what” to have impact? Find your WHY, and start singing from there.

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