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For just over 50 minutes, one of the world’s most successful CEO’s tells an audience of students at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business the secrets to his success. Watching it in full is well worth the time, so go grab your lunch and plan on eating in your office.

You can almost hear mental gears of the host or the audience grinding to a stop at times. Consider what he says on the following topics:

  • the relative importance of Strategy (the subject of much sophisticated study) and Execution (which is often dismissed as an afterthought for Lesser Lights to deal with) — ~14:00 mark
  • the single most important quality of a modern, successful Leader who is leading any organization, including a global company (hint: it’s neither titanic Business Experience nor sophisticated Market Understanding) — ~23:20 mark
  • what being a Decisive Leader really means — ~25:40 mark
  • how you get “Common Sense” as a Leader — ~38:30 mark (an actual question from the audience)

Empathy, Common Sense, Discipline, Execution: not your normal, MBA/consultant-style list of the building-blocks of successful organizational leadership.

I love them.

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