Seeds, Sand, & Salt

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All three consist of tiny grains which individually are almost imperceptible; they are most easily observed and visually distinguishable in mass quantity. What really separates these three things, however, is what lies within:

  • Seeds — packed tightly with the potential of Life, they contain the blueprints and assembly instructions for the replication of the fully mature organism that produced the seed
  • Sand — an inert substance, most commonly made of silica (quartz)
  • Salt — a multi-functional mineral (sodium chloride) that is necessary for life but also capable of degrading or destroying it.

Think of every decision you make or action you take as a leader as representing a single grain of one of these substances. Now stand back and look at the field that is your organization. What have the majority of your efforts been sowing there?

  • Are your actions and decisions seeds that — though individually small and seemingly insignificant — will create life, growth, and outsized influence in your organization?
  • Is the bulk of your time and attention spent on the inert sand of unimportant details and minutiae that have little effect on your organization’s growth and development?
  • Or, are you seeding the fields of your organization with the corrosive salts of negativity, power games, politics, and short-sighted self-interest? 

The nature of your decisions is key, as they are the tiny granules that will either lead to this —

… or this:

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