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I have been looking forward to traveling to Dallas for this event for a year. Last year, while having the great fortune of getting to attend Dave Ramsey’s very first EntreLeadership Summit, I got to listen to one of my all-time favorites — Dr. Henry Cloud — teach from one of my all-time favorite leadership books — Boundaries for Leaders. It was also during last year’s event that I was introduced to the great Patrick Lencioni and first exposed to his excellent book, The Advantage.

Then Team Ramsey announced the roster for 2016’s Summit:

  • Dr. Henry Cloud (!)
  • Patrick Lencioni (!)
  • Jim Collins (!!)
  • Seth Godin (!!!!!)
  • and a special VIP guest who would later be revealed: President George W. Bush (I just broke my exclamation point key…)

There simply wasn’t a question: I would be going to the 2016 Summit.

That was twelve months ago, and now I am finally here. This is what greeted us as we arrived at the fabulous Omni Dallas Hotel:


I am excited, to say the least. I will be taking furious notes, and will post the day’s highlights at the end of each day’s session here. I will also be throwing up photos as well, which you can find over on Instagram or Twitter.

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