Pure Simplicity

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The passion that captured the heart of the man who defined the modern understanding of physics wasn’t mathematics (he actually wasn’t a fan) — it was Mozart:

Mozart’s music is so pure and beautiful that I see it as a reflection of the inner beauty of the universe itself. Of course, like all great beauty, his music was pure simplicity.

There were lots of smart thinkers in Einstein’s day trying to unlock the mystery of the forces at play in the Universe. The genius that separated Einstein from the rest was in the creative imagination and the appreciation of the beauty of simplicity that he brought to the most complex questions science had to offer.

Far too many leaders and organizations tackle the daily challenges they face with one half of their brain tied behind their back. The beauty of Simplicity is often ignored or even derided in comparison to the over-engineered complexity that is typical of modern life.

Ask yourself:

  1. what interest or activity do I invest time in that stimulates creativity?
  2. and (more importantly) how do I fold that side of me into my work?


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