Just Do It

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When’s the last time you said “No” to something?

  • not “no” because it’s not really a good opportunity;
  • not “no” because you don’t have the budget or manpower to say “yes”;
  • not “no” because you really don’t have the authority to say “yes.”

I’m talking about saying “No” to something that is objectively a good opportunity, for which you have all the resources and authority you need to seize it … but say “No” anyway because it doesn’t align with your priorities, your strategy, your values, etc.

Saying “No” in this way means saying “Yes” to questions like —

  • “You want me to walk away from this deal and the revenue that comes with it?” — Yes.
  • “You are declining this job offer for more money?” — Yes.
  • “You want me to tell the customer to take his business elsewhere because we simply won’t yield on this simple request?” — Yes.

Try it sometime. Say “No.” Say it clearly — not couched behind logistical excuses of why it can’t be done. Own the “No” as an expression of what you’re actually aiming at.

Just do it. Just say “No.”

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