Investing in Integrity

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Scarcity creates value, and judging from the news each day, the value of Integrity continues to rise. Although trust is a fundamental element in humanity’s interpersonal and social evolution, the concept of trust is under assault seemingly wherever one looks:

And this is just from one’s days news.

Now, more than ever, leading with integrity isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s a valuable way to lead. In an increasingly chaotic, confusing, and changing world, finding things we can rely on as North Star-constants is more needed, not less. Leaders with integrity have an immediate advantage because of the accelerating nature of trust itself: when trust is certain, people and organizations are free to move so much faster than those anchors by doubts, fears, and self-preservation efforts.

Set yourself apart. Be whole. Resist the temptation to compartmentalize and rationalize behaviors inconsistent with what you want the world and your organization to see. In a world full of liars and double-lives, there’s never been a better time to double down on Honesty and Transparency. Make Integrity your organizational nest egg.

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