A New Direction

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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last written here, and that post had come after just over a month with nothing but radio silence here. There’s been a reason for that, and I’m really excited to start sharing it.

I have been talking a lot about the image above recently. It is the end of the great Tom Hanks movie, Castaway, and it is so poignant a metaphor. As you may recall, Hanks’ character Chuck Nolan was an executive with FedEx when the transport plane he is hitching a ride on crashes, leaving him stranded on a remote island in expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Over the course of his four years on the island, Nolan uses all of the packages that washed ashore with him to survive, save one: a box adorned with a distinctive logo. Nolan keeps the box unopened until he is eventually rescued and is finally able to return the undelivered package to its sender in Texas.

After Nolan leaves the package on the porch because nobody is home, he finds himself at a four-way intersection with nowhere he has to go. He is standing at a literal and figurative crossroads, without any sense of which direction he should go … and then serendipity arrives on a pair of angel’s wings:

Now, I didn’t suffer the trauma of surviving an aircraft disaster, an angry ocean, and years on Gilligan’s Island without any professors or movie stars. But, since my time as an executive in the corporate world ended last fall, I have been Chuck Nolan — standing at an intersection with any number of roads in front of me, not knowing which one to take.

Then, recently, I started putting two and two together, and saw my own set of inspirational wings. Now, I’m back in the car, getting ready to head off into a new direction. It’s a road I’ve never been down before, and never imagined getting to take. I’m so excited at the possibilities, and can’t wait to share the details. In time…

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